Vassia Alaykova who resides and works in Manhattan, NY is an illustrious artist. Her first exhibition was held in Berkeley, CA when she was 14 years old. Since then she have shown her work in numerous galleries and sold to private collectors around the world.

Her interest in the Arts started when she was 10 years old. After an unsuccessful attempt to get into ballet school she decided to pursue her passion for the arts, but through painting. Vassia’s talent comes from her father, who is a prominent artist in Eastern Europe. Even though he never encouraged her to go into the arts, he was influential in her life as the one who introduced her to classical music, philosophy, poetry, fine art, film, theater and dance which all art part of her art somehow. All of these served as pure inspiration for the young artist.

In 1995 Vassia joined School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston to explore her creativity and pursue an art degree. After several years of fine art studies she went to Massachusetts College of Art to study graphic design. This was the beginning of a long break away from art. The next 12 years were lost in the illusion that design is her real passion. In 2012 a friend asked Vassia to create some illustrations for children's story, that was the wonderful point of her return back to watercolor painting. In 2016 besides her paintings Vassia worked on a coloring book called “All About Love” which she is trying to publish. After the coloring book came the idea of creating puzzles with some of her art pieces, this is where her graphic design skill and fine art talent met. Her paintings are colorful, whimsical, poetic watercolors captivating with delicate details.