Vassia Alaykova who resides and works in Manhattan, NY is an illustrious artist. Her work has been displayed in numerous galleries and is in the property of private collectors around the World. Her first exhibition was held in Berkeley, CA when she was 14 years old. 

Her interest in the Arts started when she was 10. After unsuccessful attempt to get into ballet school she decided to pursue her passion in the arts flowing the fine art path. Vassia’s talent comes from her father, who is a prominent artist in Eastern Europe. Even though he never encouraged her to go into the arts, he was influential in her life as the one who introduced her to classical music, philosophy, poetry, fine, art, film, theater, dance. All this stored somewhere in Vassia’s mind, radiated through her work later throughout the years.

In 1995 Vassia joined School of the Museum of Fine, Boston to explore her creativity and pursue an Art degree. After several years of fine art painting studies she went to Massachusetts College of Art to study graphic design. This was the beginning of a long break away from her Art. The next 12 years were lost in the illusion that design is her real passion. In 2012 a friend of hers asked her to create some illustrations for children's story, that was the wonderful starting point of her return to painting. 

“I try to find a correlation between the present day and history, between reality and imagination, simplicity and complexity, order and chaos, science and art. On the canvas inside of the story, geometric shapes dance with organic ones creating a chaotic harmony. Simplicity turns complex on the other hand complexity morphs into an infinite simplicity thus reaching an ultimate sophistication. Creativity is the process of discovering and connecting to the dark side of one’s spirit, where there is a constant struggle to find the light hidden behind the idea of life. Life as a metaphor for happiness. One can only express the complexity and deepness of human emotions and feelings through color, that’s why I use a lot of it. Color is like music, like poetry, it get’s into your soul, washing away the monotony of every day life.”